“Here We’re Not Outcasts”

I believe there are two primary ways to learn…

You can either do a lot of research and reading, or you can just start doing, and gain a tremendous amount of knowledge through the trial and error of your experiences.

At Lakeside, we have done quite a bit of both.

For over 40 years, we have been operating schools where we worked with students who, for various reasons, had not been successful in traditional classrooms. We constantly grew and molded our approach to working with them so that we could practice strategies that we saw worked. As the years passed, we recognized the significant impact of trauma in many of our students lives, and therefore began to do research, first independently, then formally through The Child Trauma Academy.

This research did two things.

First, it validated and gave scientific reasoning to why many of the strategies we used, worked so well. Secondly, it opened our eyes to some new approaches we could take to help reach even more students. Over the last several years, we went through some significant molding, as we added many new interventions to our schools, and adapted some old strategies. The results have been amazing, and began to give us the credibility to launch our NeuroLogic Initiative, to help bring similar changes to other schools.

We were recently visited by Reporter, Paul Jablow, and Videographer, Melanie Bavaria, to do a short series of articles and videos on one of our schools. They were striving to pin-point the areas that separate Lakeside from more traditional schools, and we think they accomplished that very well. We are really proud of the finished product, and think that it beautifully communicates how we promote positive change within our schools.

Check the project out here.

Josh MacNeill, Director of NeuroLogic Initiative