Online Trauma Training

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Enhancing Trauma Awareness is a course designed to introduce information, concepts, approaches, principles and skills (ICAPS) surrounding trauma awareness in an easy to understand and apply manner.

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20 Lessons
This 4 hour intensive is your initial introduction to our trauma-informed approach to working with students.

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5 Lessons
These sessions provide an opportunity to review, and more deeply explore some of the ideas presented in the 4-Hour Interactive Intensive.

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8 Lessons

Practical Training from Practical Roots


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Lakeside Learning

The Lakeside Global Institute (LGI) has developed comprehensive trauma-informed training for all professionals, educators, organizations, or systems of care. From workshops to large-format training, coaching for educators to on-demand online training, LGI can offer the training you need for you or your staff.

LGI has developed Lakeside Learning to broaden its offerings to professionals looking for on-demand, online training that offers practical solutions in addition to knowledge and understanding. Content has been created based on extensive research and hands-on experience, delivered by professionals who live it every day.

Lakeside strives to create learning environments that promote knowledge, change, growth and hope for overcoming some of life’s greatest challenges. If you would like to learn more about how Lakeside can engage your entire organization or school in our trauma training, please contact us.

Visit lakesidelink.com to learn more about Lakeside, and LGI.